Lukas F. Münzel

Undergraduate student in mathematics at ETH Zurich fascinated by how intelligence emerges


Hi there!

I’m fascinated by many things, in particular by how intelligence can emerge from simpler principles (i.e. single neurons or a few hundred lines of code). My interests are accordingly rather interdisciplinary, from machine learning to semiconductor physics over neurobiology to information theory That is not to say that I have significant background in all of these fields. I suppose a unifying theme of the sort of positions I can imagine myself in, say, five years is the need for a solid mathematical foundation (and most probably coding, which arguably is one of the most powerful tools of the 21st century so far) and exciting and potentially impactful research questions. Specifically, I want to work on making machines more intelligent and research how to best harness the thereby generated, potentially enormous capabilities.

If that sounds interesting to you, I’d love to connect :)



Recent experiences:

  • In 2021, I had the pleasure of participating in the Research Science Institute, a six-week research program held at MIT with amazing people from all over the world
  • I participated in the Informatics Olympiad with reasonable success, being one of the four people to represent Switzerland internationally in 2020 and 2022 respectively. I also qualified for the final rounds of the Swiss Biology and Physics Olympiad

some of my work

  1. The Influence of the Orthogonality of Feature Functions on Artificial Neural Networks
    Lukas Münzel
    Oct 2021
  2. Radiograph Automata - A novel model of computation
    Lukas Münzel
    Jul 2023
  3. To cuckold and to be cuckolded - An essay on parallels between Shakespeare’s Othello and Greek mythology
    Lukas Münzel
    Nov 2021
  4. Statistical patterns in written language
    Lukas Münzel
    Jul 2021